2021/05/01 10:00

Three reasons you should buy YOKAN when you come to Atami【2021】

Three reasons you should buy YOKAN when you come to Atami

1. It is a Japanese traditional confectionery




It is a traditional confectionery developed with Japanese tea ceremony. Moreover, since it can be stored for several months at room temperature, it can be left in the suitcase until the day you return home.


2. It is a healthy gluten-free, and vegan confectionery



The basic ingredients of Tsurukichi Yokan are sugar, red beans, glucose syrup, agar, flavors, and no flour. Unlike jelly, it is very healthy because it uses vegetable agar.


3. We use Atami specialties and have won the Governor of Shizuoka gold prize




The only confectionery that has won this gold prize in Atami is the "Tsurukichi Yokan (daidai)". Yokan in a golden color package looks like a gold bullion, and this is appreciated as a gift. Enjoy Japanese style with unsweetened green tea, black coffee or black tea. The Japanese eat it by cutting it into 2 to 3 cm lengths, but if you find it too sweet, you can cut it into thin pieces that are 5mm to 1cm.