We are a Japanese traditional sweets store
with more than hundred year of history.


Since all our products are handmade,we might not be capable of mass production.
Instead,we aim to produce our products carefully and passionately,one by one.
We would like many people to experience our traditional sweets.







Bitter orange yokan(daidai)



It’s a fruit in tangerine species, which has most harvest amount in Japan here in our Atami city!

During winter, the fruit turns to “daidai (orange) color” and then goes back to green without falling from the tree.

Then, it turns back to orange color again next year. It is believed to bring success, and is used as decoration on New Year’s rice cake or New Year’s door decoration.


With is strong aroma and refreshing taste, we recommend you to cool it before eating.

Please enjoy this with Japanese tea, coffee or black tea as you like.


  Awards received

  • New product selection of Fuji no Kuni, Golden Award
  • Monde selection Silver Award
  • International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) 2 stars award
  • An authorized Atami brand product








We grate fresh yuzu skin and squeeze its juice for seasoning.

Because we use plenty of yuzu, the aroma of this yokan is different!

For those of you who know and don’t know yuzu, please give this a try!





Matcha YOKAN(green tea powder yokan)


This yokan uses green tea powder from Japan’s number one tea production center, Shizuoka prefecture.

We use not extracted green tea but hand-milled green tea powder, therefore you can enjoy the rich flavor of green tea.

鶴吉羊羹抹茶.JPG 富士山と茶畑.png




 マカロンモナカ箱.JPGIMG_6527 (1024x683).jpg

One of the most popular sweets ammong Japanese people is "Monaka",which is made of rice(glutinous rice).

A monaka is a sweet with an bean paste filling, sandwiched between two wafers.

The wafers are typically square in shape and light brown in color.

IMG_1901 - コピー.JPG

But this treat, by our shop in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture,looks like the famous French macarons,as the name indicates.

This round sweet is in four colors and flavors.

  1,100 yen (8pcs/box)     650 yen (4pcs/box)

 Expiration date: 7 days at room temprature


Pink sakura(cherry blossom)flavor  140 yen each


Orange mikan(orange)flavor   140 yen each


 Yellow yuzu(Japanese citrus) flavor   140 yen each


Green matcha flavor


Each one is priced at ¥140

They are available in a box of four, ¥650, eight ¥1,100



うぐいす - コピー.JPG

Mochi and Sweet-bean-paste Confection Coated with Green-tinted Soy Flour.(It is not Matcha powder.)

Each one is priced at ¥140

1,100 yen (8pcs/box)






What is “YOKAN”?



It is a Japanese traditional sweet, made by boiling bean paste (red beans) with sugar then harden with agar.

1. No use of eggs nor oil, which makes it very healthy! Recommended for those on diet.

2. It is a sweet with dietary fiber.

3. A hand-made sweet, made in Japan.


What kind of taste?

It contains sweet taste of red beans.

Each flavor of yohkan has different taste, so you should try the flavor you fancy!


How to eat?

In Japan, we usually cut yohkan into bite size and eat it just like that…

But you can add yohkan in yogurt or on cracker. It even goes well with whisky!


How to open

  1. Hold the cut end and pull it softly to your direction.
  2. Tear it to the right.
  3. Cut the amount you want, then wrap the rest with plastic wrap and keep in refrigerator.


  • Be careful not to push from above or pull yohkan out of the bag, because the layer and texture of yohkan might change.



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