2024-02-16 15:38:00

Rare Plum Blossoms Bloom at Atami Plum Garden!

Near the Umezono Branch in Atami Plum Garden

There are only six rare plum trees planted in the park.

White, pink, and marbled plum blossoms bloom on the same branch.


This variety of ume is a late blooming ume, so it can only be seen at this time of the year.

At the Atami Plum Garden, early, mid, and late blooming plums are intentionally planted so that they can be enjoyed at any time during the period.

Conversely, no matter what time of year you come, the plums as far as the eye can see will never be in full bloom.

Do not be discouraged if the early-blooming plum blossoms have already fallen, but go and see the precious plum blossoms that can only be seen now!


A place where rare plum trees are in bloom

Plum varieties are ”OMOINO MAMA  (=as you wish)"
Located near the store across the wooden red bridge at the far right from the main entrance of Atami Plum Garden.
That is our store.