2023-03-04 14:02:00

Spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Atami as of March 4, 2023

The "Atami Cherry Blossoms" that can be enjoyed in January and February have completely turned into leafy cherry blossoms.

So we can't enjoy cherry blossoms anymore?Not at all!

Another type of cherry blossom can be enjoyed in the area maintained on the right side of Atami Sun Beach.



20 minute walk from Atami Station. If you go by bus, get off at bus stop "Ginza". It is near Shinsui Park.

We have a macaron-shaped monaka with cherry blossom petals kneaded into the red bean paste. The pink glutinous rice skin is filled with a slightly salty white bean paste. It can also be sold individually. Payment by credit card is accepted.